Derby County Community Trust – Registered charity number 1123520

“Every football club wants to see its team winning and achieving success, but I’ve always believed there is so much more than what happens out on the football pitch. This includes how we work, how we support, how we deliver and how much we’re committed to working and supporting our local community off of it.

“Derby County Football Club has the ability to engage with people, raising hopes and aspirations, as well as improving the lives of the people of Derbyshire.

“We are incredibly proud of the work that the Derby County Community Trust carries out and the role that it plays across Derbyshire to connect the football club with the communities that we are a part of.

“Through the diverse range of programmes delivered by the Community Trust, we have seen people get healthier and more active and attainment levels raise in schools. We have developed talent pathways and helped to improve our local communities in an ever-increasing range of different ways.

“Our work doesn’t finish there. We will continue to ensure that the Derby County Community Trust’s delivery programme is underpinned by the very highest aims and objectives and clearly demonstrates a commitment from Derby County Football Club to enhance the lives of people in the communities we serve.”

Derby County Football Club



In 2018 we launched our Strategic Plan which forms the basis of the work we are planning in the coming years.

You can download a copy here.



We have an outstanding group of Trustees who support our mission and values:

Mr Edward Grant Pilkington

Ms Carol Ann Hart

Mr Peter Robert Sterling

Mr Leon Taylor

Mr Steve Hall

Mr Stephen Anthony Pearce

Mrs Sharon Sewell

Mr Phillip Ellis

Mr Nick Britten

Mrs Tracy Harrison

Meet The Team

Business / Admin Team

Simon Carnall

Head of Community

Paul Newman

Community Manager

Will Turner

Business Development Manager

Debbie Hewkin

Finance Manager

Carly Burns

Accounts Assistant

Emma Pilgrim

Events Manager

Megan Patrick

Marketing and Communications Manager

Nicky Furness

Digital Marketing Officer

Jack Griffiths

Graphic Design Apprentice

Tracy Potter

Community Administrator

Nazia Parveen

Community Administrator

Education Team

Kieron Wicks

Education Manager

Jodie Hayes

Education Lead

Jacob Straw

Education Support Team

Jake Fairbrother

Education Support Team

Adam Jones

Education Support Team

Club Development / Disability Team

Lauren Asquith

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Stuart Asquith

Inclusion Officer

Luke Shakesby

Community Engagement Co-ordinator

David Goulding

Community Engagement Co-ordinator

Andy Bromyard

Disability Coach

Jacob O'Keefe

Wellbeing Officer

Inclusion Team

Gavin Lewis

Community Engagement Manager

Jordan Hedges

Community Engagement Officer (South)

Jack Parkes

Community Engagement Officer (North)

Health Team

Sharon Dale

Health Manager

Arwen Green

Active Schools Manager

Steph Thompson

Health Team Leader

Luke Wilkinson

Health Team Leader

Adam Rowley

Health Team Leader

Lee Fearnley

Active Choices Advisor

Marek Hyde

Active Choices Project Officer (Derbyshire)

Chris Russell

Physical Activity and Health Officer

Jack Bell

Macmillan Quality Wellbeing Lead

Ben Asquith

Physical Activity and Health Officer

Hannah Stanier

Physical Activity and Health Officer

Sara Adcock

Physical Activity and Health Officer

Rainy Wilmot

Physical Activity and Health Coach

Jon Fairbrother

Physical Activity and Health Coach

Jess Needham

Physical Activity and Health Officer

Participation & Coaching Team Members

Richard Mansfield

Schools and Coaching Manager

Lauren Slater

Schools Project Officer

Danny Tomlinson

Community Coach

Sam Howard

Community Coach

Elliott Dawson

Community Coach

Patrick Binnion

Community Coach

Zack Yates

Community Coach

Brandan Wright

Community Coach

Adam Woolley

Community Coach

Jake Mann

Community Coach

Jack Repton

Community Coach

Paddy Reston

Community Coach

Jacob O'Keefe

Community Coach


Will Mellor

Apprentice Coach

Callum Taylor

Apprentice Coach

Ellie Marshall

Apprentice Coach

Fred Anasi

Apprentice Coach

Troy Riley

Apprentice Coach

SSP Team Members

Jo Wilkinson

Schools Development Manager

Jack Southwart

PE Officer

Joseph Gallimore

Derby City SSP School Sport Activator

NCS Team

Simon Doherty

NCS Project Manager

Cora Doherty

NCS Administrator

Megan Daykin

NCS Project Officer

Jorgie Wallace

NCS Project Officer

James Nagra

NCS Project Officer


Use the power of Derby County Football Club to improve lives through sport, physical activity and education.


Across our community we will:
  • Encourage participation and achievement in sport
  • Improve health and wellbeing by promoting positive lifestyle changes
  • Provide, enhance and influence education
  • Promote equality and diversity
  • Produce more leaders, coaches and volunteers
  • Govern the operations of DCCT efficiently and effectively.


  • Caring in our approach
  • Collaborative in our partnerships
  • Effective in Fulfilling potential
  • Proud of our work
  • Valued by our community

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